Gift Without Occasion

Gift Without Occasion

Imagine a regular, grey day when you’re sitting in your workplace and doing stuff that you’re usually do. Day after day. Then suddenly someone come to you. Someone you know well, or a friend from your work, or a completely stranger. Doesn’t matter, the point is that he has gift for you. Something small, something that you hasn’t expected. Flower, candy or creative thing made by his own hands. When someone does something nice for you, how does it make you feel?
It feels good, that’s for sure! How about to pass on the kindness and smile? Imagine how awesome it is to be responsible for making someone else feel happy. Don’t wait any longer, gift someone today, and make his or her day better straightaway!


When is the best time to gift someone?

There is none. Does it have to be any opportunity or occasion to make someone smile? Or it has to happen in any particular time or day? No – and even if it’s more unexpectable – the better.
A person which is not expected any sort of a gift will be surprised and even more happier! But better is to not thinking about when is a good time to gift someone, but what to give? Is there any perfect recipe for a dream gift without an occasion?


What to give to your friends or family without any occasion?

The answer is simple and difficult at the same time. Why? Because every kind of gift should make the receiver happy. But finding a gift that the recipient will fully enjoy should takes a bit of thinking and understanding of the recipient’s personality and tastes. Think about that. It’s obvious that your friend – for example – will be way more happier, due to receive a flower which she admires than a regular one. Try to not overthink it. Think what the recipient like, what are his or her interests. Find a clue during the conversation, but don’t go too deep. The simple things has the most power.

So, if you have an idea what’s your recipients favorite things, then it’s time to pick something. Make it personalised so it will have bigger influence on the receiver. Maybe handmade? Trust your imagination and make someone happy!

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